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Delightful Lust

After getting in your final years in highschool, you never expected that you still end up dating the prettiest girl at school. Though intelligent and capable, she is cold and mean. Along side her 4 siblings, two older and two youngest. She was the temptress the middle of her siblings, the mastermind. Aftersome unsuspecting turn of events, you're bound to her in love, both intimate and sexually. What happen when the girl that bullies underlings alongside her siblings, ends up going out with you, find out more on this book. Seriously, check it out, you wont be disappointed. (BTW, the original version of this book is on my Wattpad account, synonymed Nimsterphobic, titled Teen Lust, go check it out to see what this story is like)

LemonsStein ยท Teen
Not enough ratings