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Ryan McBlack Hearl

"You can't fix me okay? you just can't the pillars failed what make a you thing a therapist will succeed?" Ryan shouted and guess who he's shouting at me! ME! the one person left to be his friend but I'm not going to give up trust me. He is my friend which I got to know in 5 days but I'm still here and I'm not going anywhere. "Ryan calm down I don't want to fix you,I wanted options and if you don't want it that's okay but I'm here for you trust me I'll always be here Ryannie." I said to him he slowly turned. "You...y-you won't leave me?" I looked at him and pain was all over his face and to be honest it scares me and made me shiver, it made my heart leap painfully. "I'm here Yannie." ______________________________ A new book and I'm not good at synopsis but hey check it out you won't regret it Yours sincerely ChantayMoore

Maphefo_2002 ยท Teen
Not enough ratings