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Chosen By The Mafia

Chosen By The Mafia

Lana Bellen, an 18 years old school student with nothing but a hard-working and in labor household. She is passionate to travel her wonderland and when it executes; she collides into a fatal mobster. A 28 years old Armando De Luca who is famous as Lord of Mafia. His heartless trait radiates fear in the core of hearts. Betrayal awakes his devil, his loaded bullets thrusts their bodies before culprits could clean themselves up. He is known as "El Veneno (The Poison)". As heir of D. L Enterprises Holding Inc and Master of Spanish Mafia, he owns half of the intercontinental sphere where his sharp jaw and cold eyes confirm his foreboding. Nobody dares to mess up with a man like him. But when a naive girl makes his heartbeat for the first time, How would he fight with love and ferity?

NinaDaniel11 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings