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The Empty Cultivator.

A black cloud drapes the sun and beings the horrors of the universe to a planet. A connection to the true heavens is established and the system of all realities re-forges the planet and its people. A monster rises from the sand...but it is empty. Its body is empty. Red thunder fills the skies, as a river of blood falls from the head of the champion of humanity. "A man that stands for nothing, falls for everything." Machine takes the throne of gods... Human mistake is the fall of men...but machines don't make mistakes. Think again. A mistake was made. -------------------------- Hi. I have reached the limit of what I can achieve without experience...so that is why I want to write to you, the public. Go ahead and tell me what you think. I have sharpened my skills, but I need someone to toople me off my little mountain. If you are that person...thank you in advance. ^_^

Palton_Hammerad ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings