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~My Destiny~

A cute, young, boy—Alien—Sets out to find his father before he would bring his mother back to his home planet(Rioko). He needed to leave the planet he was on “Astrian” and go to Rioko where his father was. Or where he hoped his father was. But first, he had to travel through miles of unknown territory and thousands of hours with only his ability to find his own food and water. He had trained, but had he trained enough to survive through this? !*!Do Not Read if you don’t do well with gore. !*!Do Not Read if you don’t do well with horror. !*!And, please, the post date will start to be on Fridays. ~Sneak Peak~ My name is Quest Willion, I’m Fifteen, and I live on a whole another planet. The tree’s are green like Earth, the grass is green, the sky... well, that is multiple different stories. We have animals. Not like human’s do. The only way I even know what a human is, is because we get these drop load shipping’s when the Seekers and Questers come back from there. The Astrian’s from this planet travels through space to yours. Neat right? They come back with books and Earth-man-made items. I like the photo’s in some of the books we get. They’re pretty astronomical. But, how I am talking to you right now, that’s not actually how I speak. I have a whole another language. I was just instructed to tell you my story; and I will do that! But for now, I need you to understand this!

Rynix · Fantasy
Not enough ratings