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Class of Oddities

A 24-year-old human man named Wulf is a first-year teacher at an all-girls middle school full of monsters. When he is assigned to teach the school's 'oddities,' will he help these odd children make it to graduation?

JD246 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

Modern Tech Magic Academy System

In the world of Aegis, mages roam around the world. They condense the surrounding magic into elements, thus creating fireballs and kinds of stuff. However, becoming a mage isn't easy as you think, that's why Magic Academies were built. Magic Academies help ordinary people become mages. One day, a modern student was reincarnated in the world of Aegis with a system. The system set a goal for him, which is to build the world's best Magic Academy. Will he prevail as the strong? Or will he become an ant waiting to be slaughtered?

DevilishSeraphim · Fantasy
Not enough ratings


Amazuki Jirou. An average student with average looks and average grades. He is the most forgettable yet unforgettable person in class. He is so average that everyone in his class calls him the King of Average. But one day on a school field trip he had accidentally shown his true strength. What will come for this young man with a hidden secret?

Eternal_Angel · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings