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Vishnu a university Student who has photographic memory is reborn as kakashi in narutounivers with the ability to absorb any bloodline and memories. --------------@-------@@@" ------ hello friends this is my first time sorry for if any language mistake if have suggestions please comment

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Tales of demons and gods : My life in a barbaric world

From the colossal St. Ancestral Mountain range, a valley can be seen. On the valley stood Barberic City where woman are sold like cattle and children are turned into warriors. A man has been rebirth here. He doesn't know who he is but he does having memories of living in the 21st century and reading about the story he seems to have been sent to. Follow his adventures as he is torn between good and evil in a world where the morals and beliefs are different from what he think he knows. ---------------------------------------- SI/OC Warning : Moral ambiguity Profanity Sexual Content Disclaimer : I don't own TDG nor the other great works that I mention. This story is purely fictional and is written for entertainment.

ZvenDen · Fantasy
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A normal guy reincarnated in Tales of Demons and Gods with the looks of an angel and heart of a devil. ----------------------------X------------------------------------- WARNING - THIS IS A BL NOVEL. He got the powers attributed to the concept of manipulation. He wants to have a romantic life with Nie Li and will go to any extent to have him. MC - Firstly, I fucking died in a gutter full of shit. Secondly, they didn't give me any strong powers just this creepy manipulation technique which is complete bullshit. And now you're telling me that I get a system but it will only assist me in becoming strong and I have to do all the hardwork ? No starter pack, no gifts, one bullshit power nothing. Are you of any fucking use?? How will I win over Nie Li like this?? Cherry- The system is perfect for someone like you. But it will be of more use if you firstly remove the pornographic trash out of your mind. MC - cough......cough.......What are you saying ? My intentions are pure and sweet like angel. -----------------------x--------------------- This is a harem. So, Mc will have at least many partners [ max 2-3 ] - Both male and female. [ MC is bisexual ] Warning - MC is highly evil and manipulative and can even kill for proving his cause but will not kill anyone unless necessary. Get ready to read the story you never read before. Get ready to feel the power of manipulation. Get ready to ....OKAY. Read the story for more information. --------------------------------------x--------------------------------------------- FOLLOW THIS DEVIL WITH THE LOOKS OF AN ANGEL AND LOOK WHAT CHAOS HE CREATES IN THIS WORLD. And yes I do NOT own Tales of demons and gods or the cover so please don't sue me. (◕‿◕) Feel free to contact me in case of any query - https://discord.gg/8FdcdUE52t

maddy_121 · Fantasy
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