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The Dead Live (Book 3)

After the attack on the community has been cleaned up, and things seem to be safe, and seem to be going back to normal again. People start beginning to get upset at they find out their loved ones are still alive out there, and terrible things are happening to them. People don't agree with Shannon's decision to making an agreement with them, they feel as if she has betrayed with them. Many people leave, and others go out to look for them and plan a pointless attack on them. With the community dwindling, the leader falls into a deep and dark depression. She feels like she had let the community down, and she believes that she might have betrayed the community. With no leader, the community then begins to fall apart, and after the smaller group finds out about the agreement Shannon made with them they refuse to join them. Their leader does their best to keep in contact with them however, and see if there is any way that they have a chance. But with no leader to guide them, Christian is not sure that the community has much chance at making it. Ben is now alone after finishing his training, and Sasha, has gone back to hiding from him once again. All he has left is his little brother, and he too begins to fall into a dark depression. But there is someone still out there that is looking to help him, and Ben seems to always find a friend that he can rely on in the deepest and darkest of nights...

W3TBananas ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings