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Maybe, Probably

Two childhood friends meet up again unexpectedly. Both having change drastically since they last have seen each other. Will they be able to recognize each other after so long? Or will it be an unexpected surprise? ~ Kamaria returns back home to the city, after being away for so long. Her return leads to her owning a well-known bakery in the city. The only people who know it's have been her family and family friends. No one from her childhood friends knows about it. Seiya is trying hard to find new inspiration for his tattoo designs. But he keeps running into dead ends with his work. He keeps getting less and less appointment and more times to hate his new artwork. Will these two be able to create something that would turn the tides? Or will they learn that they're just meant to be with their work?

Cookie_ftfan · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Timeless Tattoos

a young tattoo artist and hit-girl, Vanessa Cargo comes to find there is more than life and death when a kill comes back to bite her in the ass, specifically in her own tattoo shop.

godeeperthanthat · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings