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Master of Legends

This is the story of the one who one day reached the pinnacle, a level that few dared to step on, but in the process lost everything that was most important to him! Taken by the loss, he destroys everything and everyone, surrendering himself to madness, but when the revenge is done, what is left? Nothing! In the midst of the void, he begs for someone to grant him death, and when it is to be granted, a flash of light appears and.... everything begins again! ==================== For all readers, I've been telling you that I'm Brazilian and not very good in English, and I use Google Translator, just giving some small basic proofreading and then sending it, if you find errors, please comment that I'll almost always be watching and trying to fix it as soon as possible! ===================== The cover is not mine and I could not get in touch with her creator, if you are him and don't want me to use your art, please send an email to me: lichgod101@gmail.com

Lich_God ยท Eastern Fantasy