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Forest of 72 Hours

Forest of 72 Hours

The Forest of 72 Hours. I guess that is what they called it. But being pulled out of the blue, IS. NOT. FUN. Imagine standing somewhere, then some shadow pulling you in an endless void, waking up in a forest where you have to survive for 3 whole days. Or 72 hours I guess, that is. I'm Lenne. Lenne York. A normal but in a weird way teenage guy whose name is like the riggin' New York who is 17, soon to be 18 years old. Who is somewhat chilling in my 'boring backyard' then being pulled in an endless void Now, here I am, surviving in the petty '72 hours' forest with two other guys and three other girls. While surviving the fourth hour, they found something... magical. They had lots of questions that god only knew himself and for them to find the answers themselves. Join their adventure as they survive the Forest of 72 hours... August 2020 ©️All Rights Reserved by Riley0w0 Originally published on Wattpad

Riley0w0 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings