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Don't Leave Me...Again || KTH || ft. BTS

Leaving is an only option when we get hurt again and again in love. And holding on is not really something to be able to do when we're at the wrong. Or so they thought...? A story about how y/n, a simple girl and Taehyung, a playboy Idol ends up falling in love with each other again and again no matter how much they try to hold back their feelings. And on the other hand, Jungkook and jae hee keeps on getting dirfted apart because of misunderstandings and grudges. But still at the end of the day, couldn't help but wonder if that's the end... ♡teaser♡ "Why can't you come back to me?" Taehyung asked with teary eyes. Y/n got teary too remembering all those precious moments she had spent with him and also those moments too when she felt so helpless because of all those things she had been through because of him. "Why can't I come back to you?" Y/n said with a sad smile. "Remember when you said you are afraid to accept the fact that you love me in front of the world? Well...I'm afraid too now.." she paused for a moment before looking into his eyes and continuing "I don't think that my heart would be able to bear that same pain again that you made me go through." His heart ached by listening these words. "I wish I had the courage to tell you that how much I love you and I always will till my last breath" he said in a sad tone. Also available on : Quotev [7.4K+ reads || 1.2K+readers || 45+ library adds by readers || Completed] BTS WORLD Forum [4.5K+ views || 20+ Notified readers || Completed]

User_Not_Found · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

¿Cómo ocurrió todo esto? ~TAEHYUNH & TÚ~

La historia creo que no es tan cliché como aparenta por el titulo. Es mi primera historia así que no seas tan mal@ conmigo.

dafne · Romance de adolescentes
Not enough ratings