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My Roommate is an Idol | Soobin

Who you?Are you my salvation who found me deserted? In which a normal school girl named Y/n's roommate is a famous Idol in a popular new boygroup in Korea.Yeah,I know it's too weird to have a male roommate while you're a fvcking straight girl.But as the time passes,there is something sparkly developing between them.

Lilysa_M · Teen
Not enough ratings


Falling in love? There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The only problem is when falling in love is the only thing leading to your end, but... ....at the same time the only thing that can save you. . . . . . . Beomgyu is a college student who works as a dancer at a very popular night club, what happens when an ordinary college student stumbles across an unknown reincarnated demon who is sealed in the body of a male named Yeonjun.

Bunny_soobinnie · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings


Y/N is the college's Sweetheart. she is sweet, intelligent, cute but at the same time sexy af. She doesn't socialize so much but many die to talk to her... She have only 2 friends Sakura and Suzu. Her because to this personality she is given the title of a Rose that is Hard to Get! Everyone thinks that she is just perfect..... But she has a secret that so one knows..... Kim Taehyung is the college's Prince. He is handsome af and also a 'good at everything' guy. despite everything he has never found a girl enough interesting and has never dated. But what happens when Taehyung discovers y/n's secret that she never in hundred years wanted anyone to know..... (y/n means - 'your name'. this way you can imagine yourself in the lead role) (Taehyung is actually a person in the real life. He is actually a member of the South Korea boy band. His personality is different from what I actually showed. )

WithLove_Trixie · Teen
Not enough ratings