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Reincarnated into a swords and magic world

mc is a guy who gets reincarnated into a swords and magic world. he meets god who looks like john wick. gives him the usual 5 wishes. The mc doesn't specify what kind of sword and magic world and ends up in one where men are few and are treated like national treasures. They are only items to satisfy temselves in the eyes of the women there. How will he survive? Who will protect him and his dignity? ---------------------- this is my first novel. english is my first language so it will be readable. don't expect god-tier grammer. i will update this daily. there is NO BL, NO NTR. there is only a few men in the world and the mc will never meet them so don't worry.

Young_Elite · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Sky Dynasty

Just a comedic story about a overpowered loser trying his best to protect his kingdom~ Zero Sky, formerly known as Ye Wuchen, is a fat and ugly orphan raised by the biggest family in China. He was beaten and verbally bullied throughout his life and after his seventeenth birthday he had enough! He ran away and lived in a small abandoned house surviving off of packaged food he bought with the small amount of money he had taken. One day, a message appeared before him. "Earth is under threat against a galactic force that would wipe out all humanity, so we created the Promised Lands so that you can survive. Before the threat appears, start making your destiny within the Promised Lands and become something great." Ye Wuchen saw the message and was scared for his life, i mean come on! A alien threat that could wipe out humanity? And what's up with starting a new life! "Do you want to be a Lord or an Adventurer?" Ye Wuchen knew he had to pick a class, and the best option would be an Adventurer, yet the Lord Class had felt more appealing to him. "What shall your dynasty be called?" "Sky... I want to create a kingdom where all my people could soar to the skies!"

ryder_theanomaly · Video Games
Not enough ratings

Lord Of The Nameless

When do we truly die? Is it when you recieve a bullet through the head? Or when you take your last breath? No! It's when you are forgotten. History is only written by the Victors.

Kharlos · Fantasy
Not enough ratings