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Switching My Future Fiancée

Miraya and Marcella, the Katto twins, are almost identical and hardly distinguished by people who see them first. So when their parents try to match one of them off, they agree to switch places. Marcella then goes on to the blind date with the man who Miraya is supposed to engage! The chaos happens when Miraya accidentally meets with her supposed fiance, Artemis. What will happen when Miraya find out that Artemis also switch his place to someone else? Then who is the guy that engages with Marcella at the blind date? "Wait ... aren't you, Artemis Brajamohan? You supposed to have a date at the club tonight, right?" exclaimed Miraya in shocking expression. Artemis raised his eyebrows, having the same acts. "What ... who are you?" Miraya thought to herself, then shouted, "Then who is the guy that dates with Marcella right now?" Have a pleasant roller-coaster experience that will make you smile while reading it. And please be kind to me because English is not my first language. Happy reading! Follow my IG: @nandastrand

Andromeda_Venus · Contemporary Romance