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Sammy the switch girl

Did she exchanged herself with someone else? YES ✓ NO X YES X NO ✓ That's the question was about but in her actions to discover who she was, she met with Sameer the guy that knew about her. Really? The real Sammy now or the previous one? With age gaps about 7 years, Sammy discovered that Sameer or Sam Keith did killed his previous wives to obtain something and he still free roaming around like nothing happened at all. Why Sam Keith attracted towards Sammy? And why Sammy can't stop thinking about Sam? Is she was soul from Sam's previous wives? If true, which one of them? If it isn't, when did Sammy saw him before? The real and important question is: Where is the real Sammy? Or, did she really exist? ____________ you can support me at: https://ko-fi.com/jayizzabella Inquiry or QnA session send me those messages through: jayizzabella88@gmail.com Enjoy! Love- jayizzabella ❤️❤️❤️

jayizzabella · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The seven witches

MITS · Fantasy
Not enough ratings