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An athlete who can't decide what he will going to choose between career and love life.

Ambonnnn · Competitive Sports
Not enough ratings

A Mermaid Who Can't Swim

Jessica born a mermaid can't swim like the others. She can live on land with her father as a human and go back into the water like a mermaid. Calum Way member of the high school swim team is too hyper and always late for their meets. He is the first to know who she really is. He takes this chance to get to know her better and help her out. She has the chance to impress her family and show them she is a mermaid or risk having her identity found out by everyone.

Osean_Ross · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Lady Magnolia is swimming again!

Magnolia chaffer is woman who loves swimming! When she was in a brutal car accident she died and, reincarnated into a new world. The new world being a world with a ban on swimming! What will lady magnolia do now! Edited by my amazing Broski Brenda

thatcrispyperson · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings