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Parallel universes doesn't exist. right? they are nothing but a myth. well that is what Enola Holmes an ancient times girl and Sandra Holland a modern day girl thought belonging to 2 parallel universes. 2 girls connected by blood and fate unaware of each others desistance and each others universes. both girls lived a normal life until one day...... Sandra meets Jonathan Black a mafia and Enola meets Night Salazar the crown prince. they both fell for the girls hard and swore to make them theirs. But as the saying goes you can't change whom you are destined to be with. Enola and Sandra meet an old lady who gives them both identical old clocks which caused their souls to switch into each others bodies. struggling in each others bodies and dealing with each others life the girls work hard to find a way back until they found out that the bodies in which they were switched were their actual ones and not the ones they are trying hard to return. "I am sorry my granddaughters for putting you in such situation but the time has come for you to take your responsibilities and guard the parallel universes for which you were born for!" said Della the old lady aka Enola and Sandra's grandmother "What responsibility? what Parallel universes? " both girls questioned "The bodies you lived in your whole life were not yours but each others! i did that in order to hide you from danger and to prevent you from accessing your powers" "what do you mean? i don't understand" They both asked on the verge of having a mental break down "You shall understand as the time passes my children for now.....learn to control the unimaginable powers inside your true bodies and prepare yourself for the war"

pen_girl_20 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings