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Francine Mei Zaldua is known as one of the top students at university of Asturias in Cebu province. She is a talented and a smart woman who dreamt to succeed and give her family a new life in the future. She has the beauty that screams desire of every men she encounters. Countless of men have dared to court her but, she's a well-organized woman who believes in dignity comes first. No matter what it takes. So she easily rejects them like throwing a crampled paper on the trash can. Because she's a woman who doesn't seeks personal affection. A woman who's never been interested with men. Until a man born in a rich family came, he is Mark Lucas Imperial. He also excelled in academics and received many awards in one of the prestigious school in the city. A man who gets what he wants to get and also a man that screams great imperfections in life. He is somewhat known as a silent playboy but hated to love again for he was experienced heartbreaks in his previous relationships. How would the two main characters work since they both hated to be involved in a relationship. Hated to commit a commitment for it was just a distraction. They have both the same type of pride and belief but... Would they rather to hurt themselves than to be in each other's embrace and shared the happiness of love? Is it a love story? Or Converge but not destined?

Inspirit_keisha14 ยท Teen
Not enough ratings