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The Replacement Bride

The Replacement Bride

She got stiff as she felt his hot breath by her right ear. " You do know that there are punishments when lying, right? " Her breathing became uneven as her brain started to get clouded with his words. Eugene Roussos, known as one of the most handsome billionaires in Athens Greece. One heavy rainy night he found his fiance in bed with another guy, not only that but he also found out that she sold one of his family hotels to the Magnusson's family. To get his family business back, he has to marry one of the Magnusson's daughter. Liliana Magnusson, one of the best jewelry designers in Asia. She is well mannered and a skillful young lady, but her life changes the moment her rebellious step-sister ran away from home and she has to step in and be engaged with her sister's fiance. Can he ever love another woman after being heartbroken?

Do_Va · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings