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Insanity Of A Reverend Reader

Fang Yuan is know as a smart and cunning man with great ambitions and wisdom. Everything and everyone eventually follows his plan, as he ascends and becomes stronger. One person, who recently got into reading about his tails due to his life's misfortune, died after reading chapter 270 and reincarnated as a baby in the Gu Yue clan. Can he gain enough of adventages in the early stages of the story or will he become a pawn to be discarded in the future? Only time can tell, but not fate. "Fuck the fate Gu!" I liked the original story, but I am, sadly, only on chapter 1041. I started writing this when I was on chapter 270 of the story, so MC will have knowledge of up to that chapter in order to avoid any complaints and confusion. I have changed some small details about the strength path and there are some minor tweaks to Gu worms, apertures and mortals. The system is also not OP and the MC isn't pathetic. He can't be Fang Yuan levels of not pathetic, as he is only a 16 Year old with little experience. Guy in cover image resembles MC's brother not MC. If you find any mistakes in spelling, comment on the chapter and I'll fix it up. I greatly appreciate all forms of help!

Nike13K · Book&Literature

An Oc in 6 Underground

What happens when a rich 20yr old man get inserted into the Netflix movie 6 Underground without his knowledge after meeting God as the secret safely hidden heir to a multi-billion dollar company with wishes.....well let's just say shit happens actually a lot of shit Disclaimer: Don't read if you don't like gory stuff or are a kid! also there will be a lot of cussing probably not from the Oc/Mc himself but the original characters in the movie

ILikeYahCutG12 · Movies
Not enough ratings

Lil' Miss Woods- A Tim Wright story

Melanie Woods is undoubtedly living in the shadows of her brothers'. Which is unfortunate, as her brother Jeff is Jeff the bloody killer and her brother Liu is presumed not-so-dead as he should be. All Melaine wants to do is live a life where she's not known as 'Mel Woods, the girl whose brother killed her family'. She wants to be known as Mel Woods, the healing extrodinare. *** I only own Mel,her Grandma, and Cordelia, as well as Lake and Sunny Hills but I don't own any other main character in this book. The plot is mostly mine, except most of the events of Jeff and Liu's past. All creepypastas to their owner, and Tim and Brian to Marble Hornets, which belongs to Troy Wagner, and by extention, Joseph DeLage, Tim Sutton and Brian Haight.

avocatastic · others
Not enough ratings