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Nerd on the Outside. Princess on the Inside

@JeannPulido proudly presents: Nerd on the Outside. Princess on the Inside. Sephine's a nerd in disguise, she's a Nerd on the Outside, Princess on the Inside. Her life was still on her lead but one day, she was tasked to be an exchange student to check the attitude of the students in Royal Academy. On her journey, she met him, Charles Anthony Begley - The Heartthrob Prince of Royal Academy. Will they know? Will they find love and have a happy ending even if from the start, she already lied? Will they know? Will they discover the long time secret of the Nerd on the Outside. Princess on the Inside? And for the final question; Could the Nerd Princess and the Heartthrob Prince have a happy ending ? Ps, this is REALLY REALLY lighthearted. If you guys want a story full of offending lines and fights then try my other book "The Numb", it's an @AilaMonica's "Fearless Queen" inspired book. Anyways, thank you for checking this out! Credits to @SugarUnnie and @ForeverDerpBuddies for the Book Cover ;'* (PLEASE READ: HELLO EVERYONE! MY NOVEL IS CURRENTLY ON A VERY SERIOUS REVISION WHERE I POST AND CHANGE ONE OR MORE CHAPTERS EACH DAY UNTIL THE STORY'S ON IT'S FINALE. PLEASE DO BEAR WITH ME)

_OTACOOL_ ยท Teen
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