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Masquerade Party

It all started when the lights blacked out, the screams of people and their fears in the dark, people wearing the masks, when the floor turned into a pool of blood when a little boy witnessed the crime. ***** The Massacres welcome you to the grand "Masquerade Party". ***** 5 years later a boy comes back to Los Angeles, to avenge for his family's death. The grandest Masquerade Party turned into the grandest crime scene by a gang name Massacres. 200 people were assassinated and they fled as nothing occurred. The police shut the case after 5 years of trying to track the gang. They dwelled within the people, they do crimes in broad daylight yet they escape. 21 years old Denver Dorian goes in search of the gang, completing 5 years of training of being an investigator he is determined to catch them. Police, Drugs, Love, Betrayal and Murder..Will Denver still be able to resist all the brutality and avenge for his family? Or will he become the Massacres' next prey? *****

cherrywood644 ยท Realistic Fiction
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