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The Saga of Xenorgia Part 1 - The Fire Marchus

The city is overrun by the monsters of another world, and the parents of our heroes are abducted by them and taken away. Now the story moves to the other world XENORGIA where the adventures and actions of our heroes are depicted in the pursuit of their parents which leads them into a face off with their deaths! At the last point of their lives they are miraculously rescued by the original residents of XENORGIA that are lead by a human whom they already know! After frying their brains they finally unlock the FIRE MARCHUS. Following the deathly trail of MARCHUS; fighting off various dangers and solving mysteries they finally bring back the Holy FLAMES of PYROS with an action packed climax. The story ends with an ironic suspence that is only revealed near the end of next installment.

Kvtech_Varshney ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings