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PS. I Love You

PS. I Love You

A girl inevitably always ends up fighting with her mom on a daily basis. It is worst to the extent that it would be unbelievable if an argument doesn't occur at least once within a day. The fact that the rest of her family weren't even a bit of a comfort to these were added fire to oil. This daily struggle has made her more and more distant to her family that she might not even bat an eye if ever someone in the family dies. Day to day, the clashes she made with her mother gave more soil to the planted hatred in her heart. Hatred that has began to sprout one day on a fated night. "I wish she were dead." Words that left her mouth that night, though thought to be empty, has now become the words she had regretted saying in her entire life. This story of regret is about Di Mengxi, who abhorred her family—her mother, to the extent of actually killing her, and the struggles she faced for the sake of changing this tragedy.

BbMarmalade · Realistic Fiction
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