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''Oh no!oh no! ,stop it ,stop destroying everything!!" ,"stop destruction,its not helping,everything we treasure and everthing we live for will melt away, please stop" Leah screamed and yelled with all she had,she was crying and was running after this ,this....she thought it was an android ;a robot ,but now she couldn't describe it ,the world around her lay in ruins and he was still wrecking more havoc,she saw buildings and skyscrapers and domes melt down kn split seconds ,he was unstoppable. She felt an itch in her throat and her as she yelled after him ,her voice felt croaky bit she could care less.she found herself running towards him with all the speed she could gather;she was really fast; "SHE HAD SUPERSPEED" ,it was a big bold thought in her head ,she ran towards him,managed to get a grip on his machine arm and started yelling and pulling at the arm but it didn't come off. She didn't even relise that he wasn't struggling,yet he didn't push her away . "Why are you doing this" ,"are you crazy?", "can't you see all the damage you've done?," "what's your gain in this ?,you gonna kill everyone" she was saying as she struggled with the arm trying to pull it off ,she didn't even realise they were two machine arms. He pushed her and she landed hard ,she tried to stand but she couldn't, she yelled in terror when she felt a bolt of pain jolt through her ,he knelt down to look at her,he held her broken leg and squeezed the broken part so hard she ran mad with pain . "I should stop,huh? ",the voice felt so hard and harsh,she had to look up at the face; she thought it wasn't a face at all,it was scarred and half of it was tattooed, it was gruesome, "You're asking me what my gain is ?huh", this voice felt so familiar she felt she had known it all her life,she felt as though she had known him all her life ,like he was drawn out of her; the voice;it was filled with rage and consumed with emotions . "You're asking if i can't see the damage i've done" "Do YOU know what damage you have done" ; there was so much emphasis on the "YOU" "But i don't know you" she tried to speak,she was fidgeting "you should have stopped,you should not have taken that decision" she had started moving back but then she felt a hand round her neck ,she felt jerked ;her body rising slowly ,she struggle to come down but his grip was too strong "Its all your fault ,you could have stopped it ,you could have averted this destruction but now its too late" "I was supposes to build this world but now i have to destroy it,better to be dead than suffer invasion and self destruction" She tried mumbling wordsbut she couldn't speak,life was slowly leaving her body. "It's all over,goodbye" "noooooo!!!" She screamed as he flung her on a rock,she stood from afar and saw her shattered bones,she tried to stop him but she no longer had a body,she was dead. He walked through her and saw nothing. Last thing she remembered was an explosion and hot lava . She woke up.

okeke_chinwendu · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings


The story centers around a young boy named eve in a world where cultivation exist but the problem is eve hasn’t awakened any of his veins to cultivate and due to that he has been persecuted by the youngsters in his village and even his parents are ashamed of him until one day his luck changes

grand_eve · Fantasy
Not enough ratings