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Alae Valley's Anguis Has A Heart

A useless, justice-seeking Mage x A wild necromancer Dragon Rider? More than a thousand years ago, Sun became visible again, and Dragon Riders along with Mages came into existence. Everyone celebrated, but more than a thousand years later... Dragon Riders are near extinct, no natural talents have appeared in the last 200 hundred years. The Dragon Riders have stooped low to start taking Dragons' horns so that they could feel the call of the wind again. Mages are laughing at this, not paying attention. It doesn't concern them, they say. No one notices the decay of humanity and magic. In a land full of valleys, one child lives in harmony with dragons. He is a Dragon Rider. And he wields magic. This is something never seen before. No one knows yet. When the statue falls, the world will turn upside down. If you want to, you can support me on Ko-Fi! https://ko-fi.com/catsandcrowslie

RisqueCat ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings