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Phoenix's crescent love

Phoenix's crescent love

Her Lineage was cursed and a mission was given throughout the generations. Feng Hui Lan was the chosen candidate, heaven’s pick, but heaven’s pick that was against all odds. It shouldn’t have been her, but it how come, it was her. She was heaven’s pick that was sent into the body of a powerless empress with the exact same name and very similar face like hers. There she became ‘Empress Hui Lan’ who had been driven into a fiery pit of fire by her beloved emperor which had caused her unjust death. Before all of this, modern-day Hui Lan was an Eastern Historian Professor in England, but she would have never thought that she would be sent travelling back in time, even worse, into an unrecorded time period. Since young, she had been gifted a special gift to be able to talk to animals. There would always be small voices in her head, however, when she grew up, the voices slowly faded away. Until she came to the past where these voices reappeared once more. In the unfamiliar world, Hui Lan must strive among the plots and schemes aimed at her. Along the way, she has two majestic assistants to guide her, Yue and Hun that had come from an even more ancient time period. No longer the well-behaved empress like before, Empress Hui Lan seeks to find justice in this messy palace and end the mission forced in her hands. Beneath the surface, an underground power seeks to pull her down like how they had driven the Empress Hui Lin the pit of fire. However, if her enemies kept secretly hidden in the dark, then she would build an entire empire of hers to bring them down. The subtle change in his consort’s temperament had not escaped his incisive eyes. Emperor Shen Yang Long was well known for his iciness among his subjects, the surrounding kingdoms and his wives that were all arranged for different purposes. However, only one marriage that he was more than ever willing to marry was his favourite concubine, Concubine Li, Li Mei Fang. Nevertheless, after that night, he faces this indifference side of his consort who he had always been ignoring; it became like a thorn to his heart. Struggling with these new emotions in his heart, he finds out his true feelings in the end, but will it be too late? It was a fight of power within the palace walls, but moreover, the old roots that were also seeking to destroy the entire kingdom and the other kingdoms. Hui Lan was the next one in the next mission that was not supposed to happen, but would she be the last?” ... Upload Schedule: Currently doing a daily challenge, so I'll be uploading everyday. The time will be either 12 pm or 10 pm (GMT+7). ... Join me on discord: https://discord.gg/aT5FqUC ... Hope you enjoy this novel!

cha_cha · Historical Romance
GINKEN - Rebirth of

GINKEN - Rebirth of Demons

[Chapter 86 now available] - Expected over 200 chapters (Possibly more) - (To know the characters and what happens! I recommend reading from the start!) |NOTE: This is a 'remake' (yet new) of an old story I've written in the year of 2019. The characters are made by myself and so are the fights, I'm pretty sure this will not be the "perfect" type of story, however I'm doing it to enjoy and share it with you. I will write story continuesly and add new parts every so often! I'll appreciate everything you people say and even if I make mistake that are intimidatingly strong, I'll hopefully prevail over them soon! Now! Go on! Enjoy! (This will be a 'story' and a work in progress) Ginken is an adventure based anime-based story created and written with my own ideas. Join a 16 year old teenager by the name of Tim and his friends on a departure of the great unknown after visiting a world that people refer to "The World of the Great Unknown", people also call it Z.E.R.O. for short also titled after the femenine Godess who've created this world. In the world of Zero, Tim and his friends adventure out to the new places of where they can improve their combat skills and also hoping of stopping the Demon "God" Rez whose wish is to destroy and remove Zero's life and qualifying his own duties to control the world. Will Tim and his friends be capable of stopping such role, continue and see.

DazzlingGamingDX · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings
That Strange Force Between You and Me

That Strange Force Between You and Me

After unfortunate events, Eris' rulers must send their children to safety on planet Earth.A young Solar and baby Luna were transported away from their family and home. The boy, given a duty to take care of himself and to keep an eye on the young princess, in time then training her for what she is and is going to be. Though things tend to change and life seems to separate them as they both move onto their respective (adoptive) families which allows a great disadvantage to Solar's mission. Meanwhile, several years later, a sudden prophecy of Eris' future states it's demise and destruction of everything and everyone by the hands of the evil one, Kahlua(Cah-loo-wah). All hope may be lost unless the kingdom's saviours return again. King Martyr(Maw-ter) of Liberie, and Queen Satyra(Sah-tee-rah) of Memorie, both reside in their children and awaits their glorious return. Would they be saved? Time can only tell.

jjkstar · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings