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Let’s go back to year 1999, when internet is still not the center of our lives. Siguro maiisip ng iba na ang boring ng buhay ng mga bata at teenager sa panahong iyon lalo na kung sa isang malayo at liblib na bayan nakatira. Pero diyan ka nagkakamali. Welcome to the town of Tala, where myths and legends are true. Welcome and see for yourself, that in this town, in your town, magic is everywhere. want to read MOON BRIDE, the main story behind this prequel? go here : https://bit.ly/3kF53DS

MarickoYanagi · Teen
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Life is very unpredictable. Anamika Bakshi always knew she was an average girl with a simple and sad life. Between her strict father, busy mother and perfect sister, she knew what her future looks like. But an incident in her family changed everything. Her father wasn't who she thought he was. Her sister wasn't that perfect and her mother was hiding things from her for years. In fact, the world isn't what she thought it was. And now, she has to be something she is not. With things beyond her knowledge and duties beyond her capacity, she is thrown into a completely new world. She is not ready for it. She does not think she ever be. How can she? She is not special at all. She is just average at everything she does. She is thinking about giving up but only one thing stops her. A thing that keeps her going. Someone is in danger and she can help. But the problem is, she doesn't know who should she help?

Mystical_Snowflake · Fantasy Romance
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