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Death... and me

Synopsis: Read the first chapter. (You won't regret... I think!)

Suiyan · Fantasy

Chameleon: My True Face

The prodigy of mercenary world, the youngest officer in Seven Stars Special Forces. Betrayed by his partners, people he considered friends. Sentenced for murder he didn't commit. Placed in a high-security prison. Jokes on them. In the first day, he acquired an ability, able to change his body at will. In the second day, he met the love of his life, taking her with him on the path to get revenge. Join Li Wuxing as he claims what's rightfully his. ..................................... Support me on Patreon --> Bit.ly/Piokilek Drop me a coffee -> ko-fi.com/Piokilek Author's Insta -> instagram.com/piokilek Discord -> https://discord.gg/mFmYwyT

Piokilek · Fantasy

Reborn in Super Gene

Impassive · Fantasy
Not enough ratings



Buella_1553 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Alice in Wonder War

It's as if the whole world has gone completely mad. Mysterious entities, referred to only as "jabberwocks" are slaughtering large numbers of the Japanese population by the day-- bringing the entire nation unto the brink of absolute destruction. Alice, during the midst of all this, is an ordinary High School student forced to adapt to this harsh new reality. In spite of the ever-increasing military presence in her backwater town, and the constant fear and paranoia caused by tbe seemingly nonstop news headlines of further attacks in other parts of the country, she tries to maintain a brave outward facade: if only, for the sake of easing her younger brother, Shiro. The way Alice sees it, these attacks are like a storm--one that will soon inevitably pass, at which time life can return to normal. This view is to be severely challenged, however, when she is hit by a bizarre-- inasmuch as it is a sudden, unexpected-- tragedy, that will also serve as a final breaking point: leading her down a rabbit hole of uncovered lies, and secrets, and global conspiracies, calling into question all that she'd previously held to be true in the world. Who, and what institutions will remain, that she can still trust? And can she even trust her own self to do what is right, after being injected by an experimental supergene with side-effects that gradually turn her own unstable thoughts and emotions against her? A war between our world, and a virtual reality gone haywire is brewing: with Alice being unwittingly placed at its center. The attacks in Japan are only the beginning...

Buella_1553 · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings