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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

Earth’s top weapon specialist’s soul crossed over to an alternate world, merged with Rebirth Martial Emperor’s memories, cultivating Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique, sweeping through all opposition with invincible might! Able to refine medicine, capable of crafting weapons, and knows the art of inscription…. Being skilled in all professions is the way of kings!

Feng Qin Yang · Eastern Fantasy

The Avalon Of Five Elements

The tens of thousands of universes have merged. The disintegration of Spiritual Force led to the momentous collapse of the great Cultivation World, a mighty era that had endured through millions of years of history. In the wake of the large-scale invasion of the Wilderness, the Avalon of Five Elements has become the practitioners’ last stand. After a thousand years, a lowly youth, who hailed from the Old Territory, toiled as a laborer for three years in the depths of the Wilderness. He then became an exception and obtained the opportunity to enter the Avalon Of Five Elements for further studies. Bearing beast-like fighting capabilities and driven by the desire to take control of his life, the youth strived for greater strength and power. Little did he know that he would set off a majestic upheaval.

Fang Xiang · Eastern Fantasy

The Magus Era

Long ago, there were people who stood upon the earth with their heads held high. They never bowed to anyone because of their indomitable spirit. They were capable of controlling wind and lightning, and conquering dragons and serpents. They seemed strong enough to split the earth and shatter the stars with their fists. They traveled throughout the land and called themselves Magi. Eventually, one of them would become a Supreme Magus! These men are the ancestors of human beings. Their blood is what we all share today. Qing Long is the former strongest man in the world. He traveled through space and time and was reborn as Ji Hao in the Fire Crow Clan of the Southern Wasteland. It’s a complicated world. Forces from both inside and outside of the clan want this young and talented boy to die. Under great pressure, Ji Hao makes a deal with a mysterious man, who resides in his spiritual space, never showing his real face. He gains two drops of blood from a dragon and phoenix. Afterwards, Ji Hao becomes increasingly more powerful. -------- Releasing: Everyday

Blood Red · Eastern Fantasy

Colorless & Colorful [GL]

the girl with a colorless life meets the girl with a colorful life ... vurse#7751 https://discord.gg/GKY3XnB3cM This novel is written by me, @vurse on webnovel and my scribblehub account, @GeniusPhyAuthor. Please contact me on discord if you wish to translate or post my novel elsewhere. (art is not mine besides text)

vurse · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Hunters Hollow: Teenage Supernaturals

"Bye guys." I said as I walked out of school I had been having trouble with chemistry class so Mrs. Hill suggested that I started going to the after school study groups. The only problem is the group finishes at 8:30. I opened the door and the cold December air whipped my hair in my face. I started walking from Hunters Hollow high to my house. I took the woods since it was quicker than the sidewalk. I walked into the woods. The snow crunched beneath my winter boots as I made my way closer to home. I thought I heard another pair of footsteps following behind me. I kept going thinking my mind was playing tricks on me. I kept hearing it, finally giving in I looked around. I took my backpack off my back and go my phone out and turned on my flash light. I picked my backpack up and slung it back on my shoulder. "Hey, who's there?" I called out *** Read and find out what happens to Adena and the rest of the characters.

Adena_Parker · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings