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Curse the Mainframe!

F*ck the Mainframe! Approximately one minute and twenty-nine seconds ago, System No.00290596 receives a series of bad reviews, racking up a total of one thousand and fourteen bad reviews. Unfortunately for him, this leads to the Mainframe's punishment. Sent down to a random planet, Incantix, System No.00290596 has to assist the Main Character to complete his punishment. To learn how to become the perfect gentle character, that is (unfortunately) the goal. The System is not grumpy. Not at all. - Now in a human body rather than his System one, Alec goes through trials and tribulations of life. Societype? Magitype? What's that? Eh, a Main Character. Erm, another Main Character?! Why were there so many?! P.S. System prone to swearing. Why were there so many idiots surrounding him? Base rate: 7 chapters/week ; 1 chapter a day uploaded at 23:00 server time. Come chat with me: https://discord.gg/7bCWsuG Photo does not belong to me. Edited by the lovely ShinSungmi. :)

Rxel ยท Fantasy