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DC- Dark Wars

What would happen if the world fell into darkness? Would the heroes we all know and love be able to overcome such darkness?

KR_Wells · others
Not enough ratings

My Hero Academia - GodSpeed(FanFic)

Follow our young friend Ren Black as he dies and reincarnates in a world with superpowers called quirks. As Ren awakens his own quirk he is forced to live in the most prestigious school in the country and train harder than anyone so he can be at the top! New Cover and New story alltogether guys!

VanGon · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

The New Hero Academia: Tales Of Hiashi Midoriya

Hiashi Midoriya, the son of the number one pro hero Deku, the symbol of Peace, Follow along as he becomes the next hero of peace!

Evangeline_Thomas · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings