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Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved

Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved

“Ms. Li Xue, you are pregnant!” said the doctor as she handed the pregnancy report that has clearly come positive.   Li Xue don’t know how to react to the news. She has come all prepared to take virginity test and prove the world that all their accusations are false. She was all sure that of her virginity being intact then how her pregnancy was even possible.   This is the story of a woman, Li Xue who has worked hard to build her modelling career. She wasn’t from a rich family where everything comes served in a golden plate, but from a middle class working family in which you have to work really hard to attain your dreams. Her dream was to become the top leading fashion model but it got shattered when she found herself trapped in a scandal.   No one believed her. Neither her friends nor her boyfriend. She was left all alone with the child that was growing inside her. So she left the country, with the growing life that was giving her strength to survive in this meaningless world, to become something she was still not sure of. P.S : I don't own the cover pic. All rights goes to the original artist!! Join me in the discord server: https://discord.gg/88C4VZD Or connect with me on insta: author_scarlet_shine

Scarlet_Shine · Contemporary Romance
The end of a nasty woman and the beginning of a happy woman!

The end of a nasty woman and the beginning of a happy woman!

Shanna has finally finished her missions as a host for a rapid transmigration. In her past life, she was a real mean who neglected her children and gave all her passion to her useless husband. Then the "real heroine" came and took them away from her. Until she died a pathetic death. Thank you very much for reading my book. English is not my native language, but if you see any mistakes please let me know. As I say, we learn every day. It's my first novel, so please be kind to me. ^^ The blanket's not mine, I'll make one later.

MAMAPOPOTE · Contemporary Romance
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