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Wulfric Maxwell: Manor of Lies and Deceptions

Wulfric Maxwell: Manor of Lies and Deceptions

Amidst the pale moonlight, a famous and wealthy man was struck blindly inside his manor. It is up to Europe’s most famous detective and his assistant to figure who is responsible for his death and what are his or her motives? Little do the analysts know, the culprit(s) dwelling within seventeen unfamiliar faces is a mastermind cloaked in a disguise of an innocent. Will the analysts be able to solve the mystery behind this or would it turn out into something quite unexpected? Secrets and hooligans are revealed in the first book of the Wulfric Maxwell Series: Manor of Lies and Deceptions. Who is to blame for the death of an incident? Seventeen suspects, one murderer or so they thought.

NotUse · Realistic Fiction


Everyone is put into a category. That category determines whether you live or die. An 18 year old girl has still yet to discover if she’s going to live or die, scans happen at least twice a year to keep a balance within this world, so says the Hierarchy. Who would you side with? The people who want to survive and be normal or the people forced to live for their purpose before they die. Thats up to the Hierarchy if Uma gets to live.

DarkMew122 · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings