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I am Iron Man

I am Iron Man

Tony Stark saved the day in “Avengers: Endgame” by wearing the infinity gauntlet and snapping his fingers. He passed away right after, with a line of blood down his left side. The death scene was almost a lot more gruesome at one point, though. what if he didn't die goes back to his past with a powerful system where he was in the cave making iron man mark 1. hahaha, tony laughed like a crazy man that echoed the whole cave. This time something big is waiting for Thanos, All this time Thanos thought he has everything in control but he would never be expected that tony would go back to his past. Defeating him again but this time is one side slaughtering and an even bigger villain like Galactus will be faced by tony stark

Newmasterknife · Sci-fi
The Hidden God In An Office.

The Hidden God In An Office.

Eron Varesh Kane has faced adversity and injustice throughout his life. Only being able to fend for himself by doing questionable things in the streets. After his rough upbringing, he finally settled down and married his best friend and the love of his life. But fate had other plans splitting them apart. forcing him back to the streets. Until she died, and left him 2 gifts, Children!! and with these kids comes problems ordinary and unordinary. This a story of a man that can rival gods who only want a normal life with his new family and protect them from this new world. what will he do? Well of course become an office worker. ------------------ I'm an inexperienced writer and only want to try to put out a good story. if I make some mistakes please tell me. Also if something doesn't make to much sense call me out and I'll try to fix it or explain. ----------------- while adding new characters I'm not good with coming up with names, so if I see people post cool names I'll probably add them. One thing though, make them weird like changing a letter or two of a regular name something like that. age rating: pg-13, mild profanity, mild sexual context, violence

DumboOctopi · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings