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Just be friends (Idol)

Astonished by Yibo's cool performance of her favorite MJ medley, Gee decided to enter the idol industry to become an idol like him and become friends with him. But due to her boyish features and style, she struggled in finding an entertainment agency who will accept her. Fortunately, AMPM Ent which is known for its talented artists and world class training system branched in South Korea, Japan, Philippines and China gave her a chance to showcase her talent but she has a deal to keep with one of its youngest and mysterious board members Mr. Zhang, that is to pass the first month of training convincing everyone that he is a male trainee. Fate must be playing with her when she met Yibo during their bicycle match and he is one of their secret trainers. She tried to get his attention but he seems to dislike her. Will she be able to keep her deal with Mr. Zhang as a male trainee and become friends with Yibo, her idol?

Jikurin_Miyabi ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings