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To The World Full of Pussy

Kiann 18 years old young man was considered trash in the world full of summoners as he still can't make a contract to a summoned spirit at this age. When one was 13 he will receive the gift of god and gain the knowledge to write and activate the inscription circle to transport themselves temporarily at the spirit world to make a contract to a spirit. So until now he has none. He almost give up but he needed to be strong himself as he draw an inscription circle and was about to chant when an idea struck him. He then look at the mysterious stone he picked up at the lake 3 years ago and he draw the inscription circle written in that stone and chant same words he got from the gift of gods. He opened his eyes and notice he was in a different world, different than his world, or the spirit world. Because... This world... Is.. Full.... Of pusssyyyyy!!!~ .... This kind of novel are for those 18+ only... for those who don't like this kind of novel shouldn't read it otherwise.... this kind of book is intended to help to satiate those reader whose thirsty for love and passion... as the content inside are full of wishful thinking in a various perspective XD.. note: english is not my main language so don't expect a perfect grammar Disclaimer: The book cover is not mine.. If you're the owner. Please message me and I'll removed it..

SuccessfulFailure · Fantasy