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Hey You! Be My Sugar Daddy! 
[ C O M I N G S O O N ]

Hey You! Be My Sugar Daddy! [ C O M I N G S O O N ]

Shen Qi was your ordinary university student, just struggling to make ends meet. Medical student by day, writer by night, her life could only be called hectic. But she had her group of friends to go out with on weekends, drinking until the early hours of morning and losing all semblance of sanity. So what happens, when one drunken night, a dare, a competition, a quest is brought up. Shen Qi would've been better off finding better things to do- like getting an actual well paying part time job- but the thought of a sugar daddy, it was just too tempting. The pull was too strong. To find one man, with all the money you could ever need, to solve all your problems. Hell if Shen Qi wasn't coming first in that race!

turtleboiii · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings