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Life's too Grime

Can something too humiliating bring two people closer? Tristan and Jennifer were brought together by chance only to be separated by circumstances or maybe due to the irresponsible decisions made in their youth. They yearned for each other, but nothing in the universe supported their desires. They chose to go on with their lives, or maybe not? In this world of filth, what actually is the price of true love? Is it humiliation? Is it trauma? Is it eternal suffering? What does one actually need to pay in order to be loved sincerely? Read on to find out........

Xena_Draxil · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings

The Vengeful Lover

[ WARNING: EXPLICIT LOVE SCENES] "She has to pay...." Li Fei is a renowned model, socialite, a spoilt daughter and heiress of the wealthy Li family. On one dreadful night, she causes an accident which ended up killing the pregnant wife of the most powerful man in the whole of Asia, Jin Liwei who vows to make her life a living hell. How far will Jin Liwei go to make Li Fei's life miserable? _______________________ #Excerpt The sound of an ambulance siren wails as it makes its way to the emergency entrance of Paramount hospital. Before it could park, the doors were pushed with great force and two nurses rushed out with a pregnant patient on a stretcher with an oxygen mask on her face. Jin Liwei jumped out of the ambulance with a panic striked face as he stared at his wife with spiritless eyes. The nurses seemed to be more in panic as they dragged the patient inside the hospital while calling the others to help them. The patient was immediately rushed to the ICU and Jin Liwei attempted to enter but he was stopped right at the entrance. "Please Young Master Jin Liwei, let us handle this," pleaded the doctor and he gave him a cold look before saying," She's my wife." The doctor gulped before saying," I know but you're presence won't be needed in here. It will only complicate things." Jin Liwei decided to listen to him for Jin Shan and their unborn baby. "Fine. I leave them in your hands," he said before stepping back and the doors of the operating room were shut close. Just then, his personal assistant Wang Mel approached him with hesitant steps well knowing how furious his Master was considering the way he cherishes the Young Miss. With a grave face, he bowed his head and said," I'm so sorry Master Jin about what happened!! How can I be of help to you?" "Find out the owner of the car and if they are dead, track down their family," he instructed his assistant who bowed once again before disappearing from the sight. He released a sigh of relief when he was told to do research work other than staying behind with his cold Boss.

Kironde_Mariam · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings



Abandonedaccount · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings