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The Crepypasta Mansion || Dangerous Eat #BOOK 1 [EDITING] ✔

The world is a complete mystery... Scrambled with infinities of secrets as well as unimaginable beings. Those kinds of beings that stalk you in the darkness itself and you could even run into the bad luck of seeing them face to face in your life trajectory. !Creepypastas! Be careful where you go and how you walk in life. You do not know when the time will come and less your end. But, don't worry this mess doesn't happen often unless you summon them. Luckily they are far away now. In a peculiar and rare mansion. Outside the suburbs... Although not everything is rosy and things never go quite right for them. That is why they must unite as a "crepy family" and help poor Slenderman. While they instruct newcomers to be great creepypastas. | Completely original work and i do not accept plagiarism | | Discretion in your: Vocabulary//Scenes | | Absolute Credits to: Deanie_BS19Z |

Deanie_BS19Z · Fantasy
Not enough ratings