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Dance of Fate {BL}

Atano Kazewara was a normal student living his normal life, playing with his friends, have hopes and dreams, studying find an unfulfilling job later on in the future, find a nice wife, have kids and hopefully not have a divorce that can result in his wife taking the kids and half of his property. Hearing this, you can tell he's a simple-minded child already, but think again! After one fateful day at his local museum, supernatural things started stirring up in his once normal life, leaving him haunted by pale ghosts, chased by a mutilated demon that's obsessed with his lower body, cornered by dead children that thinks he's their dad and kept asking why he took so long buying cigarettes, and other creepers. Fortunately, he met someone who knows how to deal with this catastrophe, but his business pitch was a little off; "Give me your life energy in exchange for protection then." "But wouldn't I still die?!" "Not if it's mouth to mouth." And that's the start of the strangest event of Atano's life. With the hard twist of fate, he's bound to get used to his new life and accept his newly discovered love preferences.

Pich_Ouk ยท Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings