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The King's Avatar: Glory Worlds Invitational (Quan Zhi Gao Shou)

The King's Avatar: Glory Worlds Invitational (Quan Zhi Gao Shou)

The best in Glory all over the world have been gathered to aim for the final and greatest glory, The Glory World Cup. Sixteen countries, over two hundred players, millions of fans and one cup. For most countries and players, it is an opportunity to prove their worth, to prove that the ultimate glory belongs to them. For the Chinese National Team, however, it is an opportunity to prove that they can carry on the legacy of their greatest player. The legacy of Ye Xiu. The legacy of his glory. Ye Xiu retired at the end of the last Chinese Pro Alliance season, taking with him the coveted Glory Championship. Although he has once again been called up to partake in the World Cup, it is obvious to Glory fans that his era has come to an end. With the introduction of the first ever Glory international tournament, the team carries with them the burden of trying to fill in Ye Xiu's shoes. Will they be able to rise to the occasion and claim the ultimate glory of all? Or will individual desires for glory tear the team apart? Only time will tell. Fight hard and may your glory never end.

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