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City of Vengeance

Sierra Rico is a legendary killer, trained from childhood to become the perfect assassin for South America's most ruthless drug lord. But after having his whole world ripped apart by a vengeful rival, Sierra is desperately trying to escape with his life. Now he is relentlessly being hunted by the drug cartel that raised him, as well as past adversaries, professional hitmen and an old nemesis who refuses to die until Sierra has suffered up to his last breath. Kenji Kojima is a spoilt young heir to a worldwide Yakuza criminal empire, betrayed by his own jealous brother in a bloody rebellion to seize power. On the run and cast aside by the very men he was meant to one day lead, Kenji must shed his lazy playboy persona and become the warrior he needs to be in order to slay his traitorous brother and take back what was stolen from him. Fido is a mysterious vigilante without a past or a home he remembers as his own. He has dedicated all facets of his life into hunting down a psychotic posse of killers who left him for dead. He kills without mercy, seeking not only vengeance, but also the answers as to why he was targeted. In Panama City, Panama, a thriving metropolis brimming with corruption and on the brink of a massive international gang war, the fates of these three men will crash together in an epic tale of redemption, bloodshed and bullet-riddled vengeance.

Easy_Tiger · Martial Arts

Stylish Man

Laki-laki pemikat dengan aura istimewa, dikenal sebagai pria busana. Suatu julukan untuknya dari para gadis, atau secara sederhana adalah khalayak penggemar. Jika setiap gadis melirik pemuda tersebut, maka detik berikutnya pasti akan jatuh hati. Termasuk Arunika. *** Dibalik ketenaran itu, August menyimpan rahasia yang hanya diketahui oleh pengikut setianya. Tidak seorangpun tahu disaat tertentu dia menghilang bagai asap terhembus angin. Demi menuntaskan takdir sejak ratusan tahun lalu. . “Aku menemukanmu, istriku.”

Basreswara · Romansa Fantasi
Not enough ratings