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Oh, So pleasantly Painfull!

Delua is a man whose soul has been cursed. He'll live among humans but will not share their pleasures. He can smell but not taste it, he can desire and lust after, but never feel the electrifying pleasure on his skin. ... He lived this way through numerous lifetimes, some of them as a tree others as undead, but he never stopped learning in hopes of breaking the curse before the eventual dissipation of his soul. That lasted... until he made a deal with a vile empress.

Stupid_villain · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Curse Of The Amulet

A curse born out of derelict, A curse born out of deceit, A curse born out of greed, A curse born out of grievance, A curse born out of bloodlust, A curse born out of vengeance, A curse born out of chaos, A curse born out for one epic doom. ...but what if it is also the curse which binds? A catalyst which could bind two souls to sing a song till the end of time. What would it be then? Was it to be considered as a bane, as it could break apart from two souls which are meant to be one? Broken apart before they could fully explore the depths of love which shook them to the core? Broken apart before they could even taste the essence of future which love always holds? Or else was it considered as a boon to be lived even for a short amount of time? To know the love of that particular person which would forever hold an imprint in your heart with a rejoice no being would ever bring. To experience the love which would conquer the battle of time, to emerge as a victor which would remain everlasting.

Afterthedarkness_ · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings