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Unwanted Gift

Alma Visa is aware that her family can't be considered normal. They make every child receive military training when they are ten years old. Alma's family always stressed over the fact that they need to fight the dark creatures they call 'Aeternum'. Alma wants nothing more than to live comfortably with her parents and brother. But things went south when Alma's parents were murdered and her brother went missing. Left with no choice, Alma has to live with her uncle. Without realizing that a dark storm is about to hit her. -------- Alma keeps running besides having her breath ragged. Red liquid trailed behind her. A series of rapid footstep echoing in the way behind her. Alma knows she can't stop here, because if she stops now, she will be dead. -------- "Why did you do this to me?" Alma asked the individual in front of her. She can't believe out of all the people, this person is the one who betrayed her. The person in question doesn't answer her. With a shallow smile, a gun is pointed towards her head. "Goodbye, Alma," he said. "BANG!"

1Little_Tree ยท Fantasy Romance
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