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The Sky Clan’s Last Male

Genres: comedy, seven sins, xuanhuan, eastern fantasy,romance, strong protagonist, devoted love interests, action, adventure, unique cultivation method, mature. .......... Born in a clan that had been driven away from their home planet, he was forced to return and take it back with his own hands. His aunt was confined, his mother was banished, and his own cultivation was destroyed, yet he was forced to participate in the trial. ...........

MountainProtection · Eastern Fantasy

Your Gentle Calms My Fierce; Your Vulnerability Evokes My Wrath

The man is a gentle fellow The woman was ice cold The man was stunningly handsome but crippled The woman was stunningly beautiful but disfigured He has an elegant, calm, and gentle demeanor which makes others feel serene when in his presence or near him. No matter what others do or say, he always remains calm and gentle, patient and polite. But because of these traits, he makes others feel distant from him; as if no one can ever grasp him, like a dream that fades after one wakes. She was always described by others as ruthless, cold, and fierce. These qualities made others admire yet fearful of her. No matter what challenges she face, she never backs down nor show mercy, but that doesn’t imply that she’s reckless. Quite the opposite actually, she is a very cautious person that can never relax no matter where she was or who she was with. One day, the cold and ruthless woman met the calm and gentle man. Her heart was moved by how serene he always was, no matter the situation he was in he never once shows panic. As if worldly problems are none of his concern. Always staying serene even when insulted about his crippled legs. Slowly but surely, her cold and distrustful heart starts to melt and lean on the man who made her feel warm and secure. Slowly but surely, his heart started to get disturbed by this fierce woman’s gentle and vulnerable side and his wrath which has long been in a deep sleep stirred. Slowly but surely, they fell in love. Warning: I might make mistakes in this type of story, not just grammatical mistakes, but info mistakes like their names and who they are suppose to take after. For example: the princes are supposed to take after the Emperor’s surname but I didn’t do that. So instead, the princes are going to be taking after their mother’s surname.

MidnightSweet · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

Do not under any circumstance let yourself get bitten by a crocodile

Hey there, you who randomly found this novel. This is my advice to you, don’t get bitten by a crocodile. It will turn your life upside down, honestly, it’s such a hassle, don’t bother. Also it hurts. Shook. I know. Still, pain goes away, the real problem is that it forced me to take responsibilities, I never was meant to have. You probably wonder how, or why, cause what happened to me is so crazy you wont be able to connect the dots, with this little information. I travelled to this Island called Inohuaia, just to chill and have fun, instead I receive the biggest chock of my life. On this Island when a person gets bitten by a crocodile, it's a custom to marry this, stupid, crocodile. My problem is that this braindead, ugly and vile crocodile bit the wrong person. The bite was completely one sided, I did absolutely not agree to it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to change the past, what is done is done. So just do not under any circumstance get bitten by a crocodile... unless you really want to marry a crocodile...

Viola_02 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings