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The Runaway Bride's Love Story! (On Hiatus~)

(On Hiatus~) Seraphina Lu, the rich heiress of the Lu household gets the shock of her life when she accidentally overhears the conversation of her lovely grandmother, her grandmother the elder madam of Lu household, Anna Lu holds the authority in the household. Anna Lu wants her granddaughter Sera to marry her best friend's grandson. Sera who is obviously not happy with this arranged marriage decides to take a big step unbeknownst to the consequences she has to deal with in the coming future!!! stay tuned to join Sera in her journey.. ✌ This is obviously my FIRST NOVEL.. So please please support me!! The cover is not mine.. Please support my novel!! I'll upload regularly if my novel gets good reviews and reactions.. Thank You ❤ Find me on discord : Zainab_Writes #0416 https://discord.gg/DBB6fhZ And if the grammar isn't good please try to correct me I'll definitely improve..

Zainab_Writes · Contemporary Romance