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Magic Shapers

There is an all-power that created everything, but after it was finished it all, Blank, had nothing to do. Races flourished, and some died, but Blank wasn't satisfied, or entertained by life being snuffed out. Even after installing gods to regulate the races and planets, still there was chaos and turmoil. To deal with the constant problem, Blank for elect one god and a being to travel across the worlds. Their job would be to go back in time to before the end started and stop the event that ends the race. The last Traveler has finished his term and is granted immortal happiness, but a new one must be chosen. Journey through space and time with Dak, and his brother Stell. two boys are chosen by Blank for an unknown reason, saddled with an angry god trapped in a book. The journey will force Dak to grow up and realize his true purposes and potential, but with a natural-born curiosity, you know these boys are bound to get into trouble! My discord: Magic/Epictap/XBO#7267 Instagram: ddcmagic_ Twitter: @Daniel_smiles Check my other books Harem Reborn(Poor Man Reborn) Should Have Let Me Die The Blood Servant System (3 chapter preview)

Magic_ · Fantasy
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