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Inspired by the Manga Chouka Kou. Fate and destiny have always been cruel to Liu Rin, a noble princess who seeks revenge on her uncle, the Emperor of the Eastern Empire after he assassinated her family. Raised as both the adopted mysterious granddaughter of a great commander and leading strategist for her group of loyal soldiers, Rin’s fate is set stone. That is until she falls into the hands of a blood-thirsty and brutal Commander, enemy of all four empires. Rin sets on a new path filled with heartbreak, tragedy, trust and romance. Where will this river of unknown faith lead her? WARNING. Viewer discretion advised: This story may contain mature content. Violence, strong language, and sexual content.

paramyis · Historical Romance
The Great War: Pandemonium

The Great War: Pandemonium

Many years before human civilization ruled over the land of God on earth, an ancient civilization that is now only known as the history of mythology has actually carved out its history. A record of the story of how the history of life actually began, a story that is considered a myth and legend, a story that is considered to be a fantasy of a madman in ancient times, is actually a true story that really happened. Demons known for its evil while the angel is known for their justice and righteousness, both sides are conflicted with each other and war happened. Is the reality is accurate as what has been recorded by man or is it a fluke made by a hypocrite? All will be revealed by a book. Pandemonium: The Great War is the earliest recorded history that humans have ever written.

Mike5Kilo · Fantasy
Not enough ratings